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Treatable materials

Impregnation procedure

The impregnation procedure is always the same, but a specific impregnating product is created for every material.
The most frequent treated metals are:
steel, iron, cast iron, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, zinc and a zamak.
Oil-based thermosetting plastics, synthesized by inhibition, can also be impregnated.

Microporosity treatment applications

Munari plants for microporosity treatment are capable of treating all castings, all elements subjected to strong pressures and all elements which required a great endurance or homogenous surfaces for further treatments.
Among the many applications already tested, the following are particularly noteworthy:
Motor heads, cylinder blocks, sumps, gearboxes, compressors, water meters, gas and steam valves, taps in general, heating radiators, electrical windings, stators, rotors, automotive and motorcycle components, oil filters, cylinders and heads for jacks, pumps in general, hydraulic servo controls, hydraulic, chemical, pneumatic and sanitary equipment, etc.

Photos of products suitable for metal impregnation and microporosity treatment



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