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Treatments for metals microporosity since 1975

Leaders in plants and systems for metal impregnation

Munari operates in the field of metals microporosity and provides solutions and products for metal impregnation since 1975.

Munari has carefully studied the problem of metals microporosity and develope systems and plants for metal impregnation which permit the reuse of defective or damaged parts.

Leaders in plants and systems for metal impregnation

Since 1986, Munari is leader in the metal impregnation system sector and trades impregnation plants trademarked Munari.
Munari brand gets established in vacuum and pressurized impregnation plant engineering, and as an exclusive producer of impregnating products for antiporosity treatments.


Metal impregnation process

The mission of Munari System impregnation procedure is to solve, first of all, the problems of porosity created during casting.

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